Monday, June 21, 2010

City Bride Cake off...

I know this is late... but we participated in the WNAC Fox 64 City Bride Cake Off Competition last night. And WE WON! Keri came up with an incredible design and we rocked it out.
Check out the Cake Cam shots.... I'll post more pictures later.

Here's the winning cake....

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I wasn't sure if I was going to post this. But at the beginning of this blog, I said it would be about the joy and trials of owning a business, as well as a showcase for our cakes. So... here it goes...
This weekend we had our first cake disaster in 5 years. Our delivery person called and said, "Jen, we have a problem. The cake has fallen over." GULP. That's the last thing we want to hear. We know how important wedding days are. Our driver was in tears. She had to swerve to avoid another driver that merged into her lane.

I immediately called the venue and told them what happened, and told them that we would get them cake to serve. We had to make cake to serve 180 people.

One of the staff started a sheet cake of Old Fashioned Chocolate, the other started the Coconut and I made two batches of buttercream and ganache. While that was baking we covered a dummy to duplicate the destroyed cake. The driver came back and we were able to salvage one of the four layers. We frosted and decorated it so the couple would have a cake to cut for photos.

The delivery person left at 9:20 for an 11:00 wedding, we got the call at 9:45. By 12:30 I delivered 2 sheet cakes with 192 slices, a 4 tier dummy replica and a cutting cake. I was blown away by how efficiently, calmly and steadily my staff (and myself) worked. So was the venue. And luckily we had an incredible bride. When I got to the site, the bride came out and the first thing she said to me was "I'm so sorry this happened to you!" See... incredible!
She really wanted to know if we were able to save the custom cake toppers we made for her of her 3 dogs. We did. She was happy, we were happy and so was the venue.

Whew! That was the most stressful day ever. Plus we still had 4 more cake to deliver later in the day!

You never want disaster to happen, but I'm glad to know that if it does, my staff can handle it. Boy can they handle it. They were awesome.

It's not necessarily a good story, but it's not too bad either. Hopefully we're not due for another disaster for another 5 years!

I didn't get any photos of the destroyed cake or the dummy cake. (I was a little too busy to take pictures)

Update: Here's a photo of the original... Cute !