Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey Kids...

We had a bunch of kid themed cakes.... Keri (of course!) did both.... First, an an oldie but a goodie... The Cat in the Hat... 

Don't you just love Thing 1 and Thing 2?

And here's a front view of Mr. Cat, himself.... 

Then, I guess an even older one... Hey Diddle Diddle... you know... the cat and the fiddle? The cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed and the dish ran away with the spoon?
These are flat sugar paste pieces that Keri painted (except the dog... he's 3-d) 

AT-AT your service

The AT-AT has arrived! 

If you're a Star Wars Fan you'll know what it is, the Emperial Transport Carrier from Empire Strikes Back. 

It's a Groom's Cake for our friend Jason. We called in a bunch of Jason's RISD alumni friends to come and decorate it. The head and body is cake, the legs and bottom support is wooden and covered in sugar paste. I baked and covered and left the details to the guys... and they went to town! 

Look at the details... side and under mounted guns, small painted and shaded details and precision shaped pieces. If it didn't take them 60 hours, I might consider hiring them! 

Just joking, it was a labor of love for them and they had an incredible time doing it. 

Just look at the details on the legs! 

One of the guys even painted a back drop for it.

Here's the AT-AT without it's skin.... 

And here's a picture of the painting process... 

Update.... Catch the At-At at the following sites... it's become an internet sensation.... 

I'd also like to thank the following people for their incredible help with this.... (actually they did most of the work, I helped! ) 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

This week we have a lot of cakes! So much so, that we've hired 2 people for the summer (and maybe longer) a baker, Sarah, and a decorator, Ashley. Coming up is the House cake for a friend of mine's wedding along with his incredible Groom's cake! I can't tell you what it is in case he reads this, but I'll post the picture as soon as I can next week. 

We also have a fire engine, and the much planned Alice in Wonderland Cake.... this one should be cool! So check back next week for pictures!