Friday, November 8, 2013

New Venture part I

I’m looking into the possibility of opening a new Sin! We’ll still be doing custom cakes, but will be adding some new components. Come along and join me on the wonderful, scary, exciting, frustrating journey of opening a business in RI. 

I’m hoping that opening this new version of Sin will be a bit easier, because I’ve already done this once.  I’m an existing business, so I won’t have to file for a federal id number, I won’t have to register with the city and the state and quite a few other small filings. But I’ve never done something of this scale and there’s a whole new area added, so it should be interesting! 

I’ve already submitted a proposal, written a rough business plan, met with some friends for advice and met with a financial guy.  

Now we’re just waiting for our proposal to be accepted. Once accepted we need to work out final details and adjust our budgets to make sure we can still do the project. Then... well, it all starts! 

Stay tuned!