Friday, January 23, 2009

Slow, Slow, Slow....

So, it's January. Not a really big month for weddings. We had a couple of weddings on New Years, but that's it, the next wedding is March 14th. We have a few smaller parties and birthdays booked and we always get a few extra orders every week, but it's a lot slower than the summer. 
We're filling the time making cake dummies for an upcoming wedding show and making pieces in advance for other cakes. I'm working on duplicating a Vera Wang dress, Keri is making a sophisticated shell cake and our intern Emily is working on really cut beachy cake with a couple standing in the sunset. Then we're going to start getting pieces ready for a Alice in Wonderland theme cake, a Star Wars cake, a house shaped cake and a few others. We'll post some pictures when we're done. 
We do have lots of tastings though. We are booked completely for the next 3 Saturdays. Tastings on the hour from 10 till 3 every Saturday! You never know what to expect at tastings. Some brides know exactly what they want, bring in pictures and want that cake to the letter. Other's bring in a few photos and you piece-meal a cake together from their favorite items. Others have no idea. They're the hardest. Sometimes you sketch out a few ideas and one will catch with them then you can expand on it and narrow the sketch down to fit them. Other times you sketch out tons of ideas and because they don't really have a clear vision of what they want, they can't choose any of them. It's frustrating for everyone and I always feel bad when we have that kind of tasting. So we'll see what tomorrow brings! It's always fun though, I like being part of such an important and meaningful event. I like that I can bring a bit more happiness to an incredible day in their lives! 

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