Thursday, June 11, 2009

I thought I was busy before...

It's Thursday... and there's still so much left to do. We have 17 cake orders this week, for us, that's a lot! There's Sarah, Tiffany and I baking Monday and Tuesday (and some Wed.), then Tiffany, Me and Keri to cut, crumb fill and frost Wednesday and Thursday. Then Keri, Tiffany, myself and Ashley to decorate on Friday... we have 14 cakes to decorate tomorrow! I'm betting we'll be decorating Sundays cakes on Saturday between tastings and deliveries. 

Wow! I'm happy, scared, a lot stress, happy again, and slightly overwhelmed! If this keeps up we'll be hiring, but I don't want to count my cakes before their baked, I'm going to see what happens next month when the wedding side calms down a bit. If we're still getting as many last minute orders as we currently are, then another baker will be added! 

Ok... it's 8:30 pm... time to go home and have some dinner. Back in 12! 


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