Thursday, December 17, 2009

End of 2009!!

Wow... the year is about to end. Where did the time go? I look back at the cake pictures from this year and it seems like just last month were were making the AT-AT, but that was April. Last week weren't we making the organic cake for Keri? No, that was this summer. And wasn't the Haunted House a couple of days ago? Nope... October. (Sigh)

This year seemed hard. We had more cakes then ever before, did more charity events then ever, and worked more hours then I ever have in my life. One week in June I worked over 70 hours!! That's a lot for cake!

I'm a perfectionist so, I tend to remember the "bad" things. The hot days when we were worried about the frosting, the "tape" incident, the "crooked top" cake. But when I look back at the pictures and the letters we've received from all the brides, I realize that we had a really good year! We continued to grow (which is great in this economy), we put out some really beautiful and fun cakes, we made a lot of people very happy (even happier when they ate the cake!), we won Best of the Knot for 2010 and even though it was hard work, we had a lot of fun!

So at the end of this year I want to thank the following people:

The Brides, Moms, Friends, coordinators... You are what we work for. We want to make you happy and we're glad that you choose us for such a special day. We hope that you come back to celebrate all the special times in your life... showers, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries and more!

The other wedding vendors we work with... florist who make our cakes "pop" with beautiful, stunning toppers! The photographers who take the photos of our cakes and then send them on to us with little or no charge! You help us "sell" the cakes. The managers of the wedding venues and caterers. We get a lot of referrals from you. Thank you for believing in us and having such helpful staffs!

My Staff... OMG! I could not have done this without the talent, dedication and hard work from these people. Keri... you can do it all... figures, painting, piping, everything you do, turns out so cute. Travis... Mr. Precise... your fondant work is fantastic, not only that, but you are so fast, it's awesome. Tiffany...your phone call came at exactly the right time. You were a tremendous help to us this summer and I hope to have you back next year! Ashley... you brighten up this space the second you walk in, and your painting talent has pushed us to a new level. Ginger... I really couldn't have done this without you. You get stuck with the phones, the paperwork, all the organizing... and you do it so well. And to all the interns we've had in the studio this year... Emily, Kelsy, Alex, Tara, and Justin... great job.

Lastly, my husband... you criticize, you point out mistakes, you make me work harder, work better, push me to my limits... and when you say good job, I know that it's a really exceptional cake. Thank you for your emotional (and financial!) support and for the patience and love you've shown. I really could not have done this without you!

Goodbye 2009... Here's looking at you 2010!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks Jen!!! We all LOVE working with you. I have said it before, and I will say it again-