Sunday, February 21, 2010

Staff Favorites: Jen

We were discussing the other day what 6 cupcakes we would pack for ourselves. So in response to that discussion, I'll be posting the staff favorites over the next few weeks. My picks would be:
1) Red Velvet - plain buttercream frosting, no filling, no cream cheese frosting.
2) Chocolate chip - also just plain buttercream.
3) Devil's food with peanut butter buttercream.

This is where it gets hard, the first 3 are easy, Love Them So Much, they're no brainers. The next 3... wow, there are so many good choices... princess, banana or spice cake with ganache filling and caramel buttercream, white chocolate with chocolate mint buttercream, chocolate bourbon with the newly discovered raspberry buttercream, .... Ughh...

4) Silver pound cake with lemon curd filling, plain buttercream. (Or maybe coconut with the same combo?)
5) Hazelnut with raspberry filling, chocolate buttercream.
6) Lime Rum with raspberry filling and coconut buttercream.

There, done. I think.... Maybe the Hazelnut with chocolate ganache and raspberry buttercream (or plain), or Old fashioned Chocolate with mexican ganache. Or guinness with bailey's ganache and chocolate buttercream.....

No. I think I'm sticking with the above, though I may re-post in 6 months with my new favorites...