Thursday, August 5, 2010

GINGER takes over!

Hello- Ginger here, Office Manager for Sin. I have been asked to take over blogging for a bit so that Jen can focus on making her amazingly sinful & beautiful cakes.

Summer has been BUSY!
Lot's of weddings, awesome responses to the article in the PROJO & we were recently crowned winner of FOX 64 Cake Off!

My day-to-day existence at Sin is full of emails, phone calls, invoices, filing, ribboning boards but most importantly- eating CAKE! No, I am not a baker or decorator. I am an eater. Yummy delicious cake. My name has become a synonym for eating cake. Especially from a bucket of scraps. Such as- "Yesterday, I totally did a Ginger" or "Are you Gingering?" :)

Okay, gotta go, stuff to do, cake to eat. Until next week!

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