Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Interns have helped me out a lot, actually most of my staff is composed of former interns. They work hard, don't get any money and are an incredible asset. Unlike a lot of places, the interns actually do cake baking and decorating. They also do mopping, washing and take out the garbage, but they really get their hands on experience with decorating. Almost from day one they are frosting and doing simple birthday cakes and very quickly move up to wedding cakes and carved cakes. The interns that I've had, have been extremely creative, I feel very lucky. 

Keri, my assistant that I lean on for so much of the design elements, is phenomenal with figurines and piping. Travis, who still works here on and off (a lot more on during the summer) can frost a cake as smooth as can be and his fondant work is just as smooth. And Emily... Emily is my current intern, her last day is this Friday and she will be missed. (although I'm hoping to snag her for some summer gigs!) She was responsible for the Sunset cake for her final project (I posted a few blogs ago). I asked for a beach themed cake and was expecting some sort of cake with shells on it. Instead she delivered a beautiful cake that invokes the sea shore, love, relaxation, weddings on the beach... really unique and innovative. I owe a debt of gratitude and a big thanks to the above people and my other former interns, Tiffany and Jess, as well.  

Alisha will be joining us in a few weeks and she has some pretty big shoes to fill. 

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