Friday, April 3, 2009

Amy's Baby Shower

Amy, a good friend of mine, who is also giving me a hand at the bakery as my office manager, is having a baby! We had her shower last week, and I have to say, I did a pretty good job! 

No, not because we were extremely busy, but because I don't usually accessorize well. Cakes I have down, no problem, I can add all kinds of cute details to the cake. But the rest of life... no way. I rarely wear a belt, earrings, etc.  

I wanted to do an all out baby shower... cute evite , matching cake and cookies, color coordinated plates and napkins... the works... where everything coordinated and matched. 

My friend, Laura sent me lot of ideas, and then I went shopping. The theme was birds, and the colors green and pink. I bought little bird houses and spray painted them, had feather birds attached to the houses and to some "branches", made the cookie favors in the shapes of the bird from the invite and placed them on a bed of feathers, I had bird cut outs that the guests wrote well wishes on and tied to the branches and I did the cake with the same bird theme. I also had a game... I took the letters from Amy and her husbands names and had the guests write out as many baby names as possible. The winner got a prize (Sin Chocolates!) 

And although I'm no hostess with the mostess , I think I did pretty good! It was at 1 pm on a sunday and I served 3 types of quiche, fruit salad, tomato/basil/mozzerella salad, some prosciutto, cheese, lemonade with mint and spike-it-yourself mojito's. 

Everything turned out good! Take a look....

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