Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's been happening?

A lot! We've been busy with so many different cakes over the past two weeks (sorry for no post last week!) Here's a couple.... 

    A mini airplane for a flight attendant. 

in Seekonk MA. A really cool place! All black lights with a mini golf course and games... Fun! 

Then there was the Martini glass for a girls night out birthday party. 

And the Mermaid Cake.... 

And our favorite of the bunch "The Frog Prince" 

May will be our busiest month yet. We're hiring... a decorator and possibly a baker because we haven't gotten any intern applications for Summer yet. We have a ton of groom's cakes, wedding cakes and a big event "The Encore Awards" in May. Plus we're re-organizing the studio, adding a 2nd fridge, more decorator tables and a better tasting area. So... stop back soon and see how we're doing! 

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